Welcome to our page where you can find out how to donate to any of our churches (or all of them!).

As a group of parishes, each of our buildings costs upwards of 400 per week to keep the buildings open and heated. This figure is usually partly covered by weekly offerings from our congregations. However, during these times of Pandemic when our churches are quite often closed for public worship, it is increasingly difficult to raise enough to cover keeping the buildings in good repair, and heated when open. Consequently, ALL donations, however small and however infrequent are very much appreciated.

We are investigating how to get a ‘Donate’ button on our FaceBook page and other ways for you to donate easily, but in the meantime, if you would like to donate by bank direct transfer, please do so using the following information:

To benefit all 5 churches, please make a direct transfer to:

Bank: Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-98-44
Account Number: 00100004
Account Name: Kingsbury/Baxterley Group of Parish Churches


    For the Group (all 5 churches) please use the ref: ‘Donation Group’

    If you wish your donation to benefit a specific church within our group, please make a direct transfer to your chosen church bank details below and use the reference ‘Donation + *Your Surname*’:

    For Kingsbury -
    Sort Code: 08-90-08
    Account Number: 50689578
    Account Name: Kingsbury PCC

    For Baxterley -
    Sort Code: 40-08-35
    Account Number: 00132616
    Account Name: Baxterley Church Fund

    For Hurley -
    Sort Code: 30-98-44
    Account Number: 00069506
    Account Name: Hurley District Church Council

    For Wood End -
    Sort Code: 30-98-44
    Account Number 00139768
    Account Name: St. Michael’s Church, Wood End

    For Merevale -
    Sort Code: 40-08-35
    Account Number: 61210939
    Account Name: Church of Our Lady Merevale

    Many thanks for your continued support of the parishes of the Kingsbury & Baxterley Group.

    All Donations very gratefully received.